Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fighting for two things at the same time is such a...

Long time struggle toward life choices,
the end brings two options in, together,
amazement still astonishingly lean back in mind,
how finally, these choices started to be a strong willpower,
running at the same time, simultaneously,
they're walking in the same direction,
such as pulling two big rocks in right and left hand while walking,
the street now is still flat, the ropes are still strong,
if it's steep later,
I know how to bring those rocks,
if I'm toppled later,
there are trees on the edge to curb me,
there's a grassland below, ready to watch me fall,
now what I'm looking for is sunshine at the end of the hill,
where I put the rocks I hug tightly.

(Sleman, November 2014)